Old School / Shaped Skateboards

Between banana boards and popsicles, there was a nearly 20-year reign of big decks. Often clocking in between 9" and 10" wide, vert-era skateboard weren't just big in size, they were they board of choice of the late 70s and 80s with companies like Powell Peralta, Madrid, Vision, Variflex, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica Airlines. The progression of street skating demanded smaller, more symmetrical shapes, sizing down to football and egg shaped boards before twin tails ushered in a new era. However, in the last decade old school decks and smaller "shaped" skateboards have become more and more popular.

Whether square, eggy, curvy, piggy, shovelly, pointy - shaped boards are fun. They're great for cruisers, hybrid completes, vert and transition boards, or adding the spice of a directional shape to a street setup. We've seen customers combine loose Ace trucks with soft cruiser wheels while others went for for Indys with hard street wheels.

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